December 14, 2018

Tilt shift lenses are something people either love or hate, a matter of personal preference with almost no gray area between the two extremes. If you're here reading this, I'm going to assume you're in the 'love' category, and from here on out I'm going to write as if that assumption is true. 

Some background (skip this if you're in a rush):

Back when I shot Canon cameras, I got along just fine freelensing because the aperture didn't close on Canon's lenses when they're detached like Nikon's do. This way, if I wanted a tilt-shift like effect, I could detach the lens for a couple photos, and then quickly resume using my lens the proper way when I was done, instead of having to carry around more stuff and actually swap lenses entirely. My favorite lens to do with this was the 35mm 1.4, bec...

What an interesting day this was; I was called in by another photographer who was supposed to photograph a proposal, but due to the time getting pushed back last minute, he was unable to do so. Within minutes of being contacted I rushed to get to the city and as I was parking I get a text that says "we're walking up". I managed to get into position and within 30 seconds of opening my camera bag they walked up and it happened-  and it was captured- one of the happiest and most expressive proposals I've ever seen.  Congratulations to this lovely young couple, It was a pleasure to capture this monumental moment in their lives.  

Javitta & Robert celebrated their 15th anniversary by enjoying a relaxed day and scheduling a portrait session since their photos were not the best back when they got married. little did she know that Robert had planned a surprise vow renewal ceremony for her with family at the The Boathouse at Sunday Park, and that the session was mostly a cover up for getting her there. During their 'outfit change' family and friends poured into the reception hall and when Javitta came out to 'take more photos' she was shocked to see everyone there and broke into tears. It was an incredible demonstration of love and commitment and equally incredible that he pulled it off! 

April 7, 2018

I recently started teaching small workshops to help other photographers with their lighting and one of the most commonly asked questions are about rain photos. By chance, this was the same day that we had snowfall during the spring season, so we quickly went outside and snapped a few photos for demonstration purposes. I dig how they turned out! A purple flash gel was used to light the snow/rain mix with some color. 

August 23, 2016

I see a lot of people comparing Canon and Nikon and discussing high ISO performance, and having access to both systems, I've taken some sample comparisons for those interested. Keep in mind that the Canon 6d came out almost two years before the Nikon D750 did. Both cameras are equipped with their own sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens. All files are untouched raws converted to jpeg with lightroom's default settings (adobe standard profile). Note the differences in color saturation in the raw files. 

Here you go! Click any photo to see a full resolution export. 

D750 ISO 6400: 

6d ISO 6400:

D750 ISO 12800:

6d ISO 12800:

D750 ISO 25600: 

6d ISO 25600: 

While I won't say that there's no difference because there is, It isn't very significant. Overall I still prefer the Canon files due to the...

May 24, 2016

 It's been a long, long time since I blogged anything and I thought I'd share this behind the scenes shot with some of you! Some times things don't go as planned as far as weather. Here's a fun shot using an off camera flash, an ultra-wide lens, and a muddy puddle on a rainy day :]


April 14, 2015

We left the house for about 15 minutes during sunset to take some just for fun photos in our yard. Here's my favorite image from the casual shoot! For the photographers: taken with a Nikon D750, nikon 14-24 2.8g @f6.3, 14mm, iso 100. The light used was a Paul C. Buff white lightning x3200 through a fotodiox ez-pro 32 x 48" softbox. 



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